Ergo the Quandary, the Title Track

August 22, 2010

I have a friend who hates the word “quandary.” She feels that some words just should not be used, especially the two “q” words: qualms and quandary. It all started in grade school when her reading teacher overused both words. What bothered my friend more than her teacher’s use of the words was the tone associated with them. She always felt like her reading teacher was trying to outsmart a bunch of 5th graders.

Chances are, her teacher did not actually feel superior to her 5th grade students because she was capable of using the word quandary in a sentence, but the feelings still resonate with my friend.

Say what you will, but honestly, I can’t judge my friend for her hate of the word quandary because I, too, have an illogical infatuation with words. For me, the passion is with combinations of words (i.e., phrases, for all you English majors out there) that don’t mean anything, words that are misused, and words that appear ostentatious (e.g., ostentatious).

It’s not that I’m a perfect model of the English language, or a walking dictionary for that matter. In fact, my spoken language is far from elite. I often find myself using the wrong words or simply being dumbfounded because I cannot think of the word for that thing-a-ma-bobber that you move up and down to turn the lights on and off.

I am much better at communicating in writing. When my husband and I were dating, he would encourage me to send him facebook messages any time I was frustrated or upset. I could never seem to communicate what I wanted or needed to say to him when we talked on the phone or in person, but give me a blank facebook message, and I can solve the world’s problems in such an eloquent voice.

I realize my writing will probably never cure cancer or end horrendous wars, no matter how articulate I may think I am. I’m okay with that because, for me, writing is the antidote for stress, a challenge I can’t resist, and one thing I look forward to doing every day (despite the meager pay).

Word of the Day: Quandary

Word to the Wise: “A word aptly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver.” Proverbs 25:11


Disclaimer: This post is not an endorsement of facebook…or use of the word quandary.


2 Responses to “Ergo the Quandary, the Title Track”

  1. accber642 Says:

    I had to look up the meaning of the word, ostentatious. And for future reference, my favorite “smart” word is plethora.

  2. Searingflesh55 Says:

    Ugh! I hate those words! I think my version of Hell is sitting in a non-green room and listening to someone eat, clip their nails, and say the “q” words at the same time. Oh and it would be really hot and I wouldn’t have anything to drink and I would have to lay back in one of those hair-washing chairs with my neck in the basin (those things are the most uncomfortable chairs EVER).

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