October 3, 2010

PiYo™ is an interesting word. It is also an interesting class. When someone recently told me about it, I was immediately intrigued. Pilates and yoga in one? Sounds like my kind of fun!

This week, I tried the class for the first time. The positions we used were much like those we did in a yoga class I took from a yogini a few years ago. I reminisced briefly of the good ol’ days of the classes I took in her in-house yoga room. This yogini introduced me to yoga, and I quickly became hooked. I love the challenge of yoga. I like a good competition as much as the next person, and in yoga, you compete with yourself in each position. I don’t know how many times I uttered, “This will not beat me” as I tried a position for the sixth time that night. Yoga leaves me with a sense of accomplishment after each practice.

Yoga also leaves me with a sense of calm. I once balked at the idea of Savasana. You want me to be still for how long? I have too many things to do, places to go, people to see. Life is short, people! You can’t actually expect me to relax for 5-10 minutes, can you?

In our fast food happy; run, run, run; on-the-go society, I can’t help but wonder if we all need a little Savasana. I challenge you this week to challenge yourself beyond what you think you are capable of and to follow it with a brief time of relaxation.

With the week’s challenge ahead, I leave you with one word: Namaste.


Word of the Week: Relaxation

Word to the Wise: “…stop and consider God’s wonders.”  Job 37:14 

Disclaimer: Carefully choose your challenge for the week. Consult with a doctor before starting any vigorous activity…or whatever the usual disclaimer is.


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