Give Thanks: Part III

November 21, 2010

From homemade gifts and scrapbooks to warm winter socks and gloves,
I am thankful for so many of my first and forever loves.
I give thanks to God for all he has done.
I give thanks to God. Now, let’s let this thing run.

By now, you may have realized the magic that is about to happen
As your beloved friend is actually rappin’.
Ok, so maybe this post won’t be much of a rap,
But feel free to let your foot or finger go tap, tap, tap.
You see, I am famous for my mad rhyming skills.
The problem is they just won’t pay the bills.

So what else am I thankful for this time of year?
I’m thankful that my Bible is always near and dear…
That my in-laws are loving and part of my life,
Accepting of their son’s selection for wife…
And that my brother’s family is healthy and happy.
That’s enough about them; don’t want to get too sappy.

That must be it. That must be all.
What else to be thankful for? (I’m having a ball.)
One more thing before I close my rhyme.
I know, I know. It’s about dang time.
I am thankful for my parents and all that they do
And that they didn’t name their little boy Sue.

Oh wait – It seems as though I got off track.
It’s time for me to bring this rhyme back.
I am thankful for my parents and all that they give,
For teaching me to grow, to love, and most importantly, live.
Now that my thanks I have so graciously expressed.
I know, my friends, that you’re secretly impressed.


Word of the Week: Give

Word to the Wise:  “Sing to the Lord with thanksgiving; make music to our God on the harp.”  Psalm 147:7


Disclaimer: By famous, I mean only slightly somewhat appreciated by very few discerning persons. By discerning, I mean slightly demented.


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