January 14, 2011

Hi, everyone! After much consideration, I have decided to start posting more than once a week. Here is a brief description of the new categories, or teasers, as I am calling them.

Word Rummage Wednesdays: The Word Rummage category will give us the opportunity to explore the words of the English language. I will provide a definition (quoted from Merriam-Webster unless otherwise indicated) and a little research or background on the word. If you have a word you are particularly interested in, let me know!

Feature Fridays: What better way to enjoy words than to read blogs! On Feature Fridays, I will feature a blog I read and think you might also enjoy.

Pictures Worth A Thousand Words:  If I had to explain this category, it would be poorly named.

The Story of You:  This category will tell the stories of you, my readers. We all have a story to share, and we can all learn from others’ stories. If you want to share yours, please let me know.

My weekly Sunday posts are now in the category appropriately titled, “The Weekly Post.”

Questions or suggestions? Leave a comment on this post.


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