Word Rummage

January 19, 2011

Date:  January 19, 2011

Word:  Squalor

Merriam-Webster Definition:
the quality or state of being squalid


Related Research:

Now, that we have the definition out of the way, we can move right along to – what’s that? – the definition didn’t clear things up for you? Well, I thought everyone knew what squalid means, but just for you, I’ve included the definition below.

1: marked by filthiness and degradation from neglect or poverty
2: sordid


For those of you who already knew these two words, applaud yourself. Your favorite writer, ahem, did not…at least not until last night. My husband looked at me last night and claimed he lived in squalor before we were married. I gave him my best “you did not” look before asking him to please define the word, just to be sure. A quick Internet search later I had the definition and several uses provided to me. Now, call me crazy, but I don’t think he lived in squalor. He owned a house for goodness sake! He did, however, sleep on a twin mattress on the floor without real bedding, which has now been replaced by a plush queen-sized bed with comfortable sheets, an electric blanket, and a comforter. But squalor? Really?

If you pull up your favorite Internet search tool and type in “bachelor” and “squalor,” you do actually get several hits. I got approximately 235,000. Don’t worry, folks, I did not read through all of them, but it goes to show that these two words apparently fit together quite nicely. Maybe if someone had used them as synonyms, we all would have understood! *wink, wink*

So now you’ve learned (or reviewed, for all you smarty pants out there) a new word. Sometimes, I think I slept through vocabulary class growing up.


4 Responses to “Word Rummage”

  1. Sara Says:

    Hard to believe you think you’re lacking in the vocabulary department! I always think of you as one of the people I can talk to and not worry about which words I use. If you were truly lacking, maybe you wouldn’t realize it…or care.

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