Words of Love

February 13, 2011

Ahh, Valentine’s Day. We all know how words are shared at this time of year – through the words of  sappy (and sometimes funny) cards, through the whispered words between sweet kisses, and through…candy, of course!

Words of Love

But why do we celebrate Valentine’s Day at all? Well, an article published by NPR indicates that the exact origins are not known. However, in the 3rd century A.D., an emperor executed two different people whose last names were Valentine! And what day did the executions take place? February 14 of two different years during the century! It was the Catholic Church that commemorated their deaths by celebrating St. Valentine’s Day.

But how did Valentine’s Day become so popular? Well, the same article from NPR notes that Shakespeare and Chaucer romanticized this day in their works, contributing to the day’s popularity. Then, Hallmark Cards capitalized on the day in 1913 when they began mass producing Valentine’s cards.

Regardless of its origins, Valentine’s Day is a day celebrated by elaborate dinners, jewelry, flowers, candy, and cards. How will you celebrate Valentine’s Day this year?

Word of the Day: Love
Word to the Wise:  “We love because He first loved us.”  1 John 4:19

Disclaimer: I know that each and every one of you will celebrate Valentine’s Day by taking a High Five for Love picture. Find out what I mean here. Also, I typically try to avoid the mushy stuff. However, if you celebrate Valentine’s Day in a mushy way, you are welcome to share that here. Just don’t mind me if I cringe while I read it.

Reference:  Seipel, Arnie. “The Dark Origins of Valentine’s Day.” National Public Radio. http://www.npr.org/2011/02/13/133693152/the-dark-origins-of-valentines-day.


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