E-z Reading

June 5, 2011

I am a fan of paper books. I’m honestly just  a fan of paper. I like cute stationary and snail mail. I like hard copy bills and  bank statements. I like real books that I can hold in my hand.

This is not socially acceptable.

I care about the environment. I’ve cut back on the amount of paper I use. I even get electronic bank statements these days. That said, I still prefer paper books.

But lately, I’ve been considering an e-reader. I like the immediate gratification I could have when I finish a book mid-commute. I like the idea of saving space on my bookshelves – oh wait, there isn’t any space left anyway.

So I’m entertaining the idea of an e-reader.

The problem? Buyer’s remorse. I’m cheap. I don’t like to spend money on things that aren’t Coach, shoes, or Coach shoes…and somehow, I doubt Coach is going to come out with an e-reader (an e-reader cover, perhaps?).

The solution? My hubby is a pro at online shopping. He finds all the good deals. He may even read this post and help me out. One can only hope.

Word of the Week:  Reading

Word to the Wise: “The unfolding of your words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple.”  Psalm 119:130

Disclaimer:  I’m not creative enough to think of a disclaimer tonight. My apologies.

Do you have an e-reader? What do you think of it?


4 Responses to “E-z Reading”

  1. Hi, that’s just not true that books aren’t socially acceptable! There’s no way I could afford an e-reader or any other gadget. I go to the library for my books. I love to write and receive real letters, through the mail, that end up in your outdoor mailbox and make your day.

    There’s something special about holding a letter from someone, like having a bit of that person there with you.

    I think there are much worse abuses of waste than books—the massive amounts of garbage for instance that people throw out every day. The huge amounts of food scraped into garbage cans. People who don’t want doggie-bags or refuse to feed their dogs table scraps. This, after an animal died to make that steak.

    I’m an anti-waster. Many of the people I work for are wealthy enough to have e-readers and all kinds of technology, but they are the first to throw something away if they don’t want it. It makes me crazy! So stick to your books and snail mail if you like them!

    • hbur Says:

      I will definitely stick to my snail mail. I like the convenience of e-mail, but there is something to getting a real letter in the mail. And I agree that there are more wasteful things than paper books. I think the important thing is to be responsible. I think moderation is key in any aspect of life. 🙂

  2. Lacey Says:

    I was totally opposed to the eReader idea, and then I was gifted a Kindle. I absolutely love it. Yes, it lacks that great smell books have (especially used ones), but it is extremely convenient. So at midnight when I can’t sleep and just finished my last unread book, I can immediately download the next and keep on reading til the wee hours.

    That said, I do still buy “real” books depending on why it is important for me to have it in my hands.

    • hbur Says:

      Lacey, that is exactly what I want one for – the instant download! I still like real books too, but I need to get a library card. That way, I don’t have to worry about my bookshelves on either front.
      Also, next time you can’t sleep, text me! 🙂

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