June Book Discussion

June 25, 2011

Title:  The Wednesday Sisters
Author: Meg Waite Clayton

What did you think of The Wednesday Sisters?
Share your opinions in the comments section and answer any of the discussion questions that you want to answer. Check back for more comments, and join the conversation!

Book Club Discussion Questions:

1. Which of the “sisters” do you relate to the most? Why?

2. What did you enjoy most about this book? The characters? The friendships? The history? The inspiration and achievements?

3. Some readers may find themselves frustrated with Kath who refuses to leave her husband despite him moving out and maintaining a relationship with another woman. Other readers may find this true to the time period. What was your reaction to Kath’s situation?

4. How did you feel about the Miss America pageant playing a role in guiding this book through different time periods in history, phases in life, and the characters’ struggles?

5. Brett’s gloves were an outward expression of the masks that women (and people!) wear. Did you feel gloves were a good representation or an overly obvious representation of a troubled past and present insecurities?

Have more questions about the book? Feel free to post additional questions in the comments section.

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Bloggy Book Club Updates:

  • Would you participate in a bloggy book club “chat” on Twitter? If so, what day/evening works best for you?
  • The July book poll will be posted by Monday. Please stop back by and vote for the book you want to read in July.
  • What will make this book discussion more interesting for you? I’m looking for feedback!

Happy reading!


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