Book Title: Talent is Never Enough
Author: John C. Maxwell

Book Review:

John Maxwell is the leader of leaders, literally. He is one of the predominant experts on leadership. I just finished his book Talent is Never Enough. Here’s my reaction:

It left me encouraged and driven. We all have talents. We all have dreams. But sometimes we forget that we are responsible for achieving our goals. What’s more than that – the choices we make every day will help us or prevent us from achieving those goals. Maxwell’s book takes you through 13 choices – that’s 13 things you can do to maximize your talent.

If you need some direction for your dream-filled life, this book may be what you need to guide you.  If you’re trying to achieve your goals but find yourself struggling, this book may lift you up. If you need a little kick in the caboose, this book may have boots.

Have you read Talent is Never Enough by John Maxwell? What did you think?

Note: This review expresses my personal opinion about John C. Maxwell’s Talent is Never Enough. I was not paid for this review.


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March 18, 2011

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