Moving to a new place (city, church, school, job, etc.) can be hard. You have to leave much of what you know behind and basically start over. For me, moving to Chicago, I left a lot of friends behind, and while I kept (and continue to keep) in touch with them as much as possible, I missed having friends nearby.

This weekend, I spent time with good friends, and I started thinking that really everyone has been through what I’ve gone through over the last year. Everyone has been in a situation where they needed to make new friends. So here is the first of my Making Friends tips.

Tip #1:  Spend quality time with quality people.

This weekend was great. It was filled with fun and sun, and while having plans for hanging out on the lake all day on Saturday was exciting, one of the best parts of the weekend was sitting outside on the deck talking about life, love, and friends. Quality time. Quality conversation.

A new friend.

It leaves me longing for more.

Word of the Week:  Quality

Word to the Wise:  “A longing fulfilled is sweet to the soul…”  Proverbs 13:19

Disclaimer:  I am pretty sure this will be the first of many tips. I am also pretty sure that the order in which they are given may not make much sense. What can I say? Life works that way.

Have you ever felt anxious about making new friends in a new place? What did you do about it?


Word Rummage

February 23, 2011

Date:  February 23, 2011

Word:  Beginning

Merriam-Webster Definition:
1: the point at which something begins: start
2: the first part…

Today, I experienced an ending, but it is an ending followed by a new beginning. It was sad to say goodbye to co-workers and friends, but I look forward to meeting new people as I advance in my career. This beginning makes me reflect on other new beginnings I have recently experienced: a new marriage, a new city, a new church, a new dress code (because let’s face it, flip-flops and tank tops won’t get me through a Chicago winter!). My last year has been filled with new beginnings.  It can be challenging at times, like say, when the husband disagrees with me (I know, right?!) or when I am forced to parallel park in this new city I call home. It can also be a little sad. I miss getting excited about snow and building ridiculous little snowmen. I miss my family. I miss the friends I left behind for these new beginnings. But I press on. Why? Because I am always taking one step forward, putting one foot in front of the other, getting one step closer to home (Phil 3:13-14).

What new beginnings have you experienced recently? What endings did you have to experience to find a new beginning?