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July 10, 2011

I don’t know about you, but I need to get inspired. The problem is, a word that rhymes with inspired is usually a better descriptor of me…tired!  I’m busy. I work a lot. I get home from work and cook dinner, eat dinner, make lunches, take a shower, and go to bed so my day can start over in less than 8 hours. I have so many ideas that shoot across my mind each day, but I don’t always have the time to bring life to them.

I’ve read that writers should write in the mornings. You should know, if you don’t already, that I’m NOT a morning person. I will convince myself in the mornings that there is no one else in the entire world awake, and therefore, I should not be awake either. Nevermind that hubs is already at work. I am very good at ignoring that fact. 🙂

So, write at night, you say. The thing is, I’m not really a night person either. I’m tired at night, and I want to sleep!

You may be assuming at this point that I fill my evenings with television, games, or reading, but if you are, you’d be wrong. I rarely watch t.v. I have one show that I’m keeping up with right now, and I have to record it just to see it every week. I’m not much of a gamer, and I do all of my reading during my 1 hour commute to and from work.

I’m really just. that. busy.

And tired.

So I’m reaching out to y’all (that’s southern for you guys) for inspiration.

What do you do to motivate yourself? What plans have you made or goals have you set to make sure you achieve your dreams? How do you get inspired?

You should know – just because it may be humorous to those of you who know me – I’m multitasking at the moment, and I may or may not be blogging in an apron. But it’s okay. I’m southern.


I had just woken up to the rolling thunder and the snap of a tree branch outside when the phone rang. I rolled over and glanced at the clock beside my bed. It was 3 minutes after midnight.

I know where this prompt is going because it is part of what I’m writing, but where would you take it?

  • Who is the “I” in this prompt?
  • Who was calling?
  • Why was someone calling at midnight?
  • What happened next?

When reading a fashion magazine today, I noticed that many things have at some point been labeled the “new black.” Why not blogging? A lot of people are doing it. People blog to express themselves, to record their children’s lives, to increase their creativity, to track their journey. People blog in color, in black and white, through pictures, through video. People blog with big words, with little words, about facts, and fiction. People blog about books, about exercise, about technology, about blogging. They blog about truth and about beauty. Blogging is everywhere and it’s about everything. So, I say blogging is the new black.

Word of the Week: Blogging

Word to the Wise:  “…whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – think about such things.”  Philippians 4:8

Disclaimer: I read only the highest class of fashion magazines for blogging inspiration.

Do you have a blog? If so, what do you write about?

The couple sat silently on the bus. The man nodded off from time to time, jerking his head up just as he loses consciousness. The woman sitting close beside him stares out the small window looking wistfully at the old brick buildings they pass.

  • Where is this couple headed?
  • What are they doing?
  • Where have they been?
  • Why is the man sleeping?
  • What is the woman looking for?
  • What does the woman see next?
  • What is she thinking?

What do you create when you read this scene?

Word Rummage

February 9, 2011

Date: February 9, 2011

Word:  Complexity

Merriam-Webster Definitions:

1: something complex
2: the quality or state of being complex

1a: composed of two or more parts: composite…
2: hard to separate, analyze, or solve


Psychology professor Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi sums up the creative mind with one word: complexity. He explains that creative people live in “contradictory extremes.”  

What does this mean?

Well, Csikszentmihalyi gives several examples in his article. He notes that creative people tend to exude energy yet rest often.

Who me?

He also notes that they may be both smart and naïve.

What are you looking at?

They may be playful, yet disciplined, responsible, yet irresponsible.

Csikszentmihalyi suggests that creative people may alternate between fantasy and reality.


They may be simultaneously humble and proud.

Seriously, why are you staring at me?

Creative types may be androgynous, exhibiting the strengths of both genders.

They may be both rebellious and conservative.


They can be passionate, yet objective, about their work.  

I don’t know anyone like this.

Lastly, Csikszentmihalyi points out they may also be sensitive, experiencing both pain and joy.

I know I’m personally not like this at all… Okay, okay, throw stones if you must.

Do you conform to Csikszentmihalyi’s description? Or do you contradict it?

Csikszentmihalyi, Mihaly. “The Creative Personality: Ten Paradoxical Traits of the Creative Personality.”

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