Tastes of the Taste

July 5, 2011

This weekend I went to the Taste of Chicago for the first time. It’s one of those things that everyone says you have to do once…and then, you never feel the need to go back again! So, this weekend, I decided was my one time at the Taste.

And it was great! And crowded. And hot. But great!

I started round 1 with a taste portion of mac and cheese bites from Cubby Bear. (Note: a taste portion just means small.) Round 2 consisted of stuffed sausage pizza from Bacino’s. Delish! Round 3 was a beignet from a restaurant that I can’t quite recall its name. Oops. And round 4 – a little out of order because it probably should have come before the beignet – was chips and guacamole from another restaurant that also doesn’t have a name in my mind.

This is what I liked about the Taste. I can’t think of any other place where I could have the “tastes” of the city and actually get tastes of the world. From Italian to Mexican to French to American, we have it all in Chicago. And it’s all delicious!


Feature Friday

March 4, 2011

Date:  March 4, 2011

Blog: Veggie Fails

Authors: Emily

Link: http://veggiefails.typepad.com/blog/

Description: Remember when you were little and you didn’t like vegetables? Yeah? Well, some of us never outgrew it! Emily, an adult veggie hater, has challenged herself to eat more vegetables. She created a bucket list of vegetables to try over the next few months, and she is blogging about the results. Follow her hilarious tales at Veggie Fails!

Feature Friday

February 4, 2011

Date:  February 4, 2011

Blog: Gabby Gumbo

Author: Whitney

Link: http://gabbygumbo.blogspot.com/

Description: Good food? Check. Good scenery? Check. Good times? Check. Whitney writes about the food, architecture, and fun available on Bourbon Street and beyond. That’s right. Gabby Gumbo is a blog dedicated to Whitney’s exploration of New Orleans! So join the party at http://gabbygumbo.blogspot.com/!

Whitney is also an artist who is inspired every day by the city that surrounds her. Check out her fun, vibrant, New Orleans-inspired jewelry here.