Pilates in the Park

July 2, 2011

Chicago has workout classes in Millennium Park every Saturday in the summer. I made my first attempt to get downtown early enough to participate today. Unfortunately, I had to wait 20+ minutes on my bus and my train got delayed for 10+ minutes at one of the stops on my route…which extended my commute by 30+ minutes (for all you English majors out there). I arrived downtown just in time for yoga relaxation.

So, instead of yoga, which was the class I most wanted to take, I took pilates. It was so nice to be outside first thing in the morning…and to work out with a couple hundred of my closest friends.

I rewarded myself for getting up early with a very large iced coffee for the train ride back home.

It was bliss.

How do you feel about working out in public? Cool? Or not cool?

Read more about workouts in the park here.



October 3, 2010

PiYo™ is an interesting word. It is also an interesting class. When someone recently told me about it, I was immediately intrigued. Pilates and yoga in one? Sounds like my kind of fun!

This week, I tried the class for the first time. The positions we used were much like those we did in a yoga class I took from a yogini a few years ago. I reminisced briefly of the good ol’ days of the classes I took in her in-house yoga room. This yogini introduced me to yoga, and I quickly became hooked. I love the challenge of yoga. I like a good competition as much as the next person, and in yoga, you compete with yourself in each position. I don’t know how many times I uttered, “This will not beat me” as I tried a position for the sixth time that night. Yoga leaves me with a sense of accomplishment after each practice.

Yoga also leaves me with a sense of calm. I once balked at the idea of Savasana. You want me to be still for how long? I have too many things to do, places to go, people to see. Life is short, people! You can’t actually expect me to relax for 5-10 minutes, can you?

In our fast food happy; run, run, run; on-the-go society, I can’t help but wonder if we all need a little Savasana. I challenge you this week to challenge yourself beyond what you think you are capable of and to follow it with a brief time of relaxation.

With the week’s challenge ahead, I leave you with one word: Namaste.


Word of the Week: Relaxation

Word to the Wise: “…stop and consider God’s wonders.”  Job 37:14 

Disclaimer: Carefully choose your challenge for the week. Consult with a doctor before starting any vigorous activity…or whatever the usual disclaimer is.